Classic Apple Crate
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Vintage Look. Classic Size. Modern Strength.

Dimensions: 19″L x 12″W x 12″D

• Hand-built in the USA

• Constructed from genuine cedar

• All natural. No harmful stains or chemicals

• Classic built-in handles for portability

They say you can't beat the original, and that's why our traditional apple crate mimics the vintage look and the classic dimensions of the age-old traditional apple crate. Constructed with over 100 hidden nails for strength and durability, this crate also features the classic accent of built-in handles to allow for easy transportation. Stack these any way you wish—the possibilities are endless!

Get Inspired:

One popular configuration utilizes a set of 4 crates, as pictured, to give a dynamic look with added dimension. If you need more shelving, you can add multiples of 4 to your order to maintain the same look. If you're displaying smaller items, you can also stack two of our mini crates to equal the size of one traditional crate.