Classic Apple Crate
• Shallow

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Being shallow isn't always a bad thing.

Perfect for smaller spaces or wall-mounted shelving.

Dimensions: 19″L x 12″W x 8″D

• Hand-built in the USA

• Constructed from genuine cedar

• All natural. No harmful stains or chemicals

• Built-in handles for portability

• Two-plank depth is ideal for wall shelving

Let's face it: space is a precious commodity in your home or business, and the shallow crate was built with your needs in mind. Whether they're stacked on the floor or mounted on the wall, these crates allow you for maximum storage with minimum obtrusiveness. Of course, they still have the vintage charm and character that you and everyone who sees the crates will love. Constructed with over 80 hidden nails for strength and durability, this crate also features the classic accent of built-in handles to allow for easy transportation. Stack these any way you wish—the possibilities are endless!

Get Inspired:

When floor space is limited, utilize the wall space whiling simultaneously adding character and dimension to your home or business. Whether it's getting your products elevated and in view for customers to see, or as simple as mounting them in the bathroom for cosmetics and toiletries, we're certain you will find a great use for these unique crates. 

Wall-mounting Tips:

If you're looking to mount these to a traditional drywall wall with studs, we suggest first attaching the crates to one another using (four) 1" wood screws per crate. You must then locate your wall studs and use (four) 3" minimum wood screws per crate to secure the crates to the wall, with at least two screws hitting the studs.