Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the crates built?

All of our crates are proudly built in the USA, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our workshop is located in the small mountain town of Nathrop, Colorado, with a booming population of 899. We're situated halfway between the towns of Buena Vista and Salida, and nestled at the bottom of the Collegiate Peaks. Surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks, the roaring Arkansas River, and Browns Canyon National Monument, we're proud of the valley we call home.

How strong are the crates?

Unlike crates built from light-duty 1/4" craft wood, Colorado Apple Crates are built for strength, integrity, and durability. Each crate is made from genuine 5/8" thick cedar or 3/4" thick blue pine and hand-constructed to provide immense support. We also take the extra time to cut triangular corner braces, which offer far more stability and structural strength as compared to square or rectangular corner braces. Our crates are built strong and designed to last.

What are the dimensions of the crates?

We offer crates in several different shapes and dimensions, each designed to stack perfectly with each other. This opens up unlimited possibilities, so be sure to visit our Get Inspired page for ideas on utilizing all of our various-sized crates. For exact dimensions of each of our crates, simply visit each product's page, where the specifications will be listed.

What kind of wood are the crates made out of?

We use two species of wood for our crates: genuine cedar and beetle kill pine. Our western red cedar not only has a crisp, fresh scent that our customers love, but it’s also a natural insect repellent, helping to keep unwanted pests away. It also happens to be a favorite wood among custom closet builders, and for good reason. It's a wood that has beautiful character, grain, and knots, and a color tone that pairs well with any other wood you may have in your home or business.

Our unique beetle kill pine (also known as blue pine) crates are not only beautiful with their blue-toned hues, they're also environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Making the best out of an unfortunate situation, we utilize Colorado’s lodgepole pine trees that have been killed by the destructive mountain pine beetle, recycling the wood and turning it into a product that can be treasured and admired in your home or business. It's our way of helping sustainable forestry and improving the health of Colorado's forests, right here in our own backyard.

Where does the beetle kill pine come from?

On June 11, 2013, a fire began in a beautiful region of our state known as the Black Forest, located northeast of Colorado Springs. Although fully contained within 10 days, the fire left a wake of destruction, burning over 14,000 acres and destroying over 500 homes. The Colorado State Forest Service quickly devised a plan to help restore and rehabilitate the area back to its natural state, removing the charred trees and encouraging new growth within the region. When we saw the opportunity to be a part of the recovery by turning the dead trees into beautiful apple crates, we jumped on it. The thousands of trees that may otherwise become firewood or mulch could now be salvaged, recycled, and used in homes and businesses.


Are the crates treated with any chemicals?

This is an excellent question, as many crates are built from pressure-treated wood pallets. Since these are typically treated with arsenic-based preservatives (CCA), they should not be used indoors and can be dangerous.

Rest assured, however, that none of our crates at Colorado Apple Crates are ever treated with any stains or chemicals. We love the look and the smell of raw, natural wood, and we never want to alter that nor compromise the safety of our customers by adding poisonous stains or chemicals to our products. We take pride in building vintage-looking crates without any help from stains, chemical reactions, preservatives, or solvents, which can out-gas for months or even years.

Do you make custom-sized crates?

You bet. We have built thousands of custom-sized crates over the years. All of our custom crates are priced competitively with our in-stock crates, and we use the same cedar and pine to maintain consistency between all crates. Simply give us a call at 303-549-7976 or visit our Contact Us page for a free quote.

Do you offer bulk pricing on large orders?

Yes we do! We have price breaks at quantities of 25, 50, and 100 crates or trays. If you're interested in a custom quote, including discounted freight shipping, give us a call at 303-549-7976 or visit our Contact Us page to send us a message.