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Meet The Crates

Call us old-fashioned, but there’s something nostalgic about a product that has been built by hand. With most of today’s companies focused on locating cheap materials and outsourcing production, it can be challenging to find products with the hand-crafted charm that was once so loved and treasured. Craftsmanship has been pushed out the door, replaced instead by machines in foreign countries; character has followed suit, replaced by digitally printed blemishes in attempts to mimic those found in genuine products.

At Colorado Apple Crates, we take pride in the craftsmanship and character of our products. Every cut is hand-measured, every board hand-torched, and every crate hand-constructed to produce a beautiful, strong, and functional product that will last.

Here are just a few of our satisfied customers from over the years:

Meet the Family Behind the Crates

The story behind Colorado Apple Crates began in the same way that most good ideas begin: from the mind of a woman. That woman happened to be my beautiful bride–the love of my life—Taylor. It also involved a honey-do list, performed by yours truly: Mike.

When Taylor decided she wanted a one-of-a-kind bookshelf made from vintage apple crates, we searched high and low for the perfect crates for the job. To our disappointment, however, the options were discouraging. With farms making the economical switch to cardboard boxes, the supply of wood crates was very limited. The few crates we did find were falling apart after a half-century of hard use, and came in random, inconsistent shapes and sizes. Taylor wanted a bookshelf that would be consistent in size, sturdy when stacked, able to support several hundred pounds of weight, but still have that rustic, vintage charm. That's where I came in.

With a love for carpentry and a passion for relics of the past, I immediately got to work. I researched hundreds of old farms and fruit crates, bought every style of crate I could get my hands on, and finally decided on a look that resonated with us the most: the traditional, classic, vintage-style apple crate. The crate would offer built in handles for easy carrying, triangular corner braces for extra strength and support, and most importantly, would be made to look old and rustic, despite being new and strong.

Tens of thousands of crates later, we have perfected our original design, introduced new species of wood, added additional sizes and products, and have grown the business to a level we never thought possible, all thanks to our wonderful customers who have embraced our passion. What began as a honey-do project has turned into a full-time family business, supplying crates to thousands of retail stores, trade shows, vineyards, and countless residential homes around America.

Every crate and product is still handmade right here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, inside our rustic mountain workshop that sits at over 8,000ft in elevation. We believe in our products and we love the excitement of our customers who see our crates in person for the first time. We know the value of hard work and therefore realize that every dollar you spend on our products, is a dollar that you spent blood, sweat, and tears earning. We truly appreciate your business, and we truly strive to provide you with a product that will last for years to come.