Vinyl Record Crate
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  • $54.99

Vintage albums require vintage solutions.

Dimensions: 19″L x 13.5″W x 13″D

• Hand-built in the USA

• Constructed from genuine cedar

• All natural. No harmful stains or chemicals

• Built-in handles for portability

• Fits up to 100 record albums

Vinyl record collectors are a special breed. They not only treasure music, but they treasure the quality and the unique sound of a vinyl record that has been lost to the digital age of iTunes and MP3s. Of course, record collections shouldn't be stuffed inside cardboard boxes and hidden in a back closet. They should be proudly displayed, and displayed in a crate that matches the prized era of which they're from. Call us biased, but we think our vinyl record crates are the perfect solution. Constructed with over 100 hidden nails for strength and durability, this crate also features the classic accent of built-in handles to allow for easy transportation. Stack these any way you wish—the possibilities are endless!

Get Inspired:

If you don't have enough records to fill 4, 6, or 8 of these crates, consider displaying your most prized records by themselves in a crate of their own. This creates a look often found in bookstores, where 90% of the books are shelved vertically to conserve space, while the bestsellers are shelved with the cover facing out.