Classic Apple Crate
• Miniature

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  • $44.99

Everyone loves micro pigs. Why not micro crates?

Dimensions: 9.5″L x 12″W x 12″D

• Hand-built in the USA

• Constructed from genuine cedar

• All natural. No harmful stains or chemicals

• Built-in handles for portability

• Two miniature crates equal the size of one traditional crate

Perhaps you have smaller products you'd like to display. Or perhaps you'd like to add extra dimension to your display with a mix of sizes. Either way, let's be honest: who doesn't love a miniature version of something? Have you ever seen a micro pig? Constructed with over 60 hidden nails for strength and durability, this crate also features the classic accent of built-in handles to allow for easy transportation. Stack these any way you wish—the possibilities are endless!

Get Inspired:

Many of our customers have businesses that sell smaller products, and as a result they don't want their product to be lost in a large display. Due to demand, the miniature crate was born, and it has grown extremely popular. These miniature crates work great on tabletop display booths, or you can mix them into your display of other sized crates to add more visual interest to your setup.